about bailemos

Bailemos Dancewear is the creation of Petra Moreno, an Argentine Tango enthusiast.  

Petra has been sewing since her youth and has always had an eye for fashion, but it was after learning Argentine Tango that the spark hit again.

Unable to find her own style of dancewear for her nights out this led her to design and make her own Tango dance clothing.

Dancing at local Milongas her stunning outfits began to attract the attention of other Argentine Tango dancers. What started off as just a few request for her to make similar outfits turned into an idea for a clothing line.




Bailemos Dancewear was born out of the demand for Argentine Tango dancers to have beautifully designed Tango clothing but has expanded to include outfits for a variety of occasions:

  • Salsa, Latin & Ballroom Dancers
  • Showcases, Competitions, Performances
  • Weddings, Special Events, Parties

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